Double Aluminium Suction Cup, Lifts 176 Lb

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Item Description

  • Body is made of sturdy Aluminum & heavy duty rubber suction Cups
  • Ideal for gripping / Lifting Glass and Flat Metal Sheets
  • Each cup is 4 1/2" in Diameter [11.5 cm]
  • Produces Reliable Strength With full contact with Smooth Flat surfaces
  • Up to 176 lb, 80 kg lifting capacity with Full Suction contact

Product Overview

Ideal for lifting and gripping heavy items such as metal sheets and glass by utilizing a large [4 1/2"] rubber double suction cups.

can also be used to pull large dents in metal objects, such as automobiles, boats, sheet metal etc. but the dent will have to very large (more than from 5 inch to 25 inch) and flat at contact points

Pro Tip Use of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) can improve suction capacity on objects that have slight bends or not perfectly smooth. < /p>


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