5 products

    5 products
    3 Inch Industrial Magnet Hook - Pack of 2
    LINE10 Tools
    19 inch Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool - 2 lb
    LINE10 Tools
    Magnetic Wristband Bits, Screws, Nuts and Bolts Holder
    LINE10 Tools
    ROK 1-1/2-inch Industrial Magnetic Hooks, Pack of 10
    ROK tools
    4 Piece Magnetic Tray Set
    LINE10 Tools
    We offer a wide selection of rare-earth-metal magnets for your DIY job. Neodynium magnets are some of the strongest permanent magnets currently made in the industry. You can use these magnets for all sorts of creations such as a key holder for your house, a wooden magnetic door, or even toys. See our large selection of shapes and sizes for Neodynium magnets. 
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