3 Creative DIY Projects Using a Wire Brush Drill Attachment

The wire brush is an everyday staple for any heavy-duty metalworking or surface prep job. Common uses for the wire brush can include rust removal, paint stripping, or removing unwanted contaminants from your surface. Its generally used in heavy-duty and industrial applications such as metal fabrication and welding.

However, Did you know that the wire brush is a fantastic tool that you can use in many creative DIY projects?

The unique texture of the brush that leaves interesting effects on surfaces. Wire brushes come in all shapes, forms, and types; some are hand-operated tools, others are power tool attachments that can be attached to angle grinders and drills.

One of the most convenient power tools to use the wire brush with is the drill. With the right shank, you can attach a wire brush onto a drill to accomplish many tasks. The drill is probably the most common power tool in any household; that is why it is our pick for working with creative DIY projects. It is easy to use and generally safe to handle, and many times it's cordless and super portable.

Here are three creative things that you can do with using a drill with a wire brush attachment.



Project 1:


Rustic Wood Accent Wall 

shou sugi ban  with a drill wire brush

Can be accomplished by distressing surfaces for a weathered look. The rustic look is a trendy design in home decorations, as it creates an authentic and “homey” feel for your project. Woodworking concepts such as Shou Sugi Ban and creating Amish-style furniture are examples of concepts utilized to create a rustic aesthetic.

With a wire brush, you can easily create this effect, as the bristles leave interesting textures by removing some of the charred grain to create a very interesting look. The most significant advantage of using a drill is controlling how much pressure you can apply to create varied effects.

After using your wire brush to create the patterns, you can finish the wood with traditional finishes such as Varathane, lacquer, or shellac to protect the wood or leave it alone for a more natural look. 

Using a drill attached to a wire brush is your ultimate “life hack” to create a rustic workpiece in little to no time.


Project 2: Repainting Metal Railing 

repainting and paint stripping with a wire brush


Can be accomplished by stripping the existing paint using a drill wire brush. It’s no secret that paint stripping is one of the most tedious tasks in repainting projects. It is necessary as it is often not a good idea to repaint a surface without properly prepping the surface by stripping the existing paint.

A wire brush allows you to cleanly get rid of the old paint in a matter of minutes, especially when it's paired with a drill with a wire brush, as it will save you a lot of elbow grease and time.

An interesting project idea is to strip the paint or de-rust an old metal pipe in a cool color to make it stand out or refresh the look of your metal railing by giving it a new color to update your home décor!

Project 3: Restoring Rusty Antiques

wire brush for restoring tools


A common issue with many metallic antiques is discoloration, surface rust, and oxidization. In addition, very stubborn grime gets picked up over time.

A wire brush is your best solution for removing rust and surface contamination; it's ideal for removing the most stubborn contaminants without damaging your metal surfaces. It is recommended that you use the proper brush bristle material type according to the material you are working with.

For example, to remove tarnish from soft metals, you should use a brass or a nylon wire brush; if you work with a harder material such as cast iron, you can use carbon steel or stainless steel bristles wire brushes.

Wire brushes are ideal because they have the flexibility to conform to the shape of your surface to treat irregular surfaces and engravings.


 The beauty of a wire brush is how versatile it is. There are plenty of other creative DIY tasks that you can accomplish with a wire brush, so get your brush and start getting creative with it.…the possibilities are endless.  

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