Rotary Tool Accessory Kits

There is nothing better than a rotary tool for DIY arts and crafts projects that require precision power and abrasives, a rotary tool is a must-have in any DIY kit, but in order to get the most out of it you need a wide range and a good variety of rotary tool accessories, bits and attachments .

No matter if you’re working with wood, metal, or ceramics or lapidary stones, at LINE10 Tools we have an extensive range of 1/8 inch shank rotary tool bits and attachments to suit your every need and function and be compatible with common rotary tool brands such as Dremel®. 

With the right bit, accessory or burr, you’ll be able to expertly perform a range of tasks such as buffing and polishing metal surfaces, sanding wood, engraving jewelry and glass, and cutting bolts -- whether you’re a hobbyist DIY-er or a trained professional an extensive bit collection is essential.

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