Our Story

LINE10 Tools is...

More than just an online store; we're here to inspire you to pick up your tools and start creating! Established in 2012, we bring you the versatile solutions you need to get your arts & crafts or home improvement projects off the blueprints and into reality.



We're a brand with a genuine passion for DIY and wood and metal crafts. We're all about providing creative solutions to problems that are affordable, cost-effective, convenient, and work for you without compromising quality.

We carry a line of power-tool accessories and abrasives that are not only quality-made but also designed to enhance your existing power tools without costing you a small fortune. If you've got the cordless drill, the angle grinder, or the rotary tool, we've got the attachments and accessories to transform it into a versatile tool that will enable you to achieve your creative vision.


Sometimes there's no need to purchase that costly new specialized tool you will probably use once and then leave to rust. There's no need to take up your entire workshop with budget-busting super-sized specialized machinery. Just shop our product line to find the attachments that fit your existing tools and allow for true Versatility, productivity and innovation.