5 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do with your Rotary Tool Accessories Kit

A rotary tool is one of the most popular and versatile tools in any home DIY-ers kit. 

Rotary tools can be fitted with various attachments that allow it to perform lots of different functions that are essential in most DIY projects.  With this tool you’ll be able to do anything in precision from cutting plastic, to sanding down surfaces.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 5 of our favorite DIY projects that will be made extremely simple with the help of you rotary tool accessories kit. These projects will range from simple at-home tasks to fun creative gift ideas that you can try out depending on your skill level.

Action Figure Modding

action figure modding with dremels spiderman

Are you a hobbyist action figure Modder? Having a rotary tool in your kit is perfect for making quick modifications to action figures to make them totally one-of-a-kind.

By using the cut off wheels rotary tool attachment you can easily make any modifications that you desire. The attachments on rotary tools are much more precise than other tools, so you’re able to make precision cuts, easily clean up any rough edges, and cut away unwanted details of your figure.

When it comes to trimming and cutting plastic, you want to use your rotary tool at a much slower speed to prevent cracking and fracturing. Rotary tools bits can run hot when used at high speeds, which can melt the plastic you’re trying to cut.

Start by drawing the lines you want to cut with a marker as a guide, and then, using a very light amount of pressure, slowly make soft touches along the lines with your tool to cut the plastic.

If you find there’s been some melting around the edges, you can switch to a sander attachment to smooth out the edges.


Clean your rusty bicycle chain

rusty bike chain cleaning with a wire brush and rotary tool

No matter how hard you try, there are some things - especially rust and oxidization - that you simply can’t clean easily using normal methods and household cleaners.

One thing that can be especially hard to clean properly is a rusty bike chain. There is nothing worse than a rusty bike chain which slows you down, not to mention the lack of lubrication can cause it to break during the ride.

 Luckily with the use of the wire brush rotary tool attachments, you can easily clean your bike chain from rust and after you lubricate it, it will perform like the day you bought it.

Wire brushes are great to clean off any metal surface!


Make a Wooden Sign from Scratch

engraved wood sign

Do you have a wedding or a birthday coming up in your family? You should consider making a thoughtful handmade personalized gift,  all you need is some creativity,  a piece of wood and your rotary tool to do so.

An easy gift idea is a wooden sign that could have the name of your loved one and a special quote or a memorable date that means something to the person you’re gifting the sign to.

Make your choice of wood, cut it into shape and ensure that the surface of the wood is smooth - which you can do yourself with a sanding rotary tool attachment.

Sketch out your design or find one that you like online and measure how much space it will take up on your piece of wood. Then trace the shape with a pencil and get ready to start carving.

You can use high-speed steel engraving cutters as your attachment to start carving your design from the outside, and then work your way inwards.


Personalize a Ring

diamond ring engraved with a dremel

Unlike the previous DIY, you don’t have to create something from scratch to give a personalized sentimental gift if you don’t have the time to do so, you can still add your personal touch to a gift you bought at the store. Use your rotary tool to etch or engrave patterns, words or dates onto any piece of jewelry.

An easy DIY project that’s simple and fun, is to make an engraved personalized ring. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift that can include your loved one’s name, initials, or date engraved on it.

You can use any of the diamond-coated engraving burrs to do that. You’ll find these in most kits in various shapes and sizes that will be suitable for any design you come up with.

Start by tracing your design with a marker on the surface you’ll be engraving, you may also want to use a non-slip mat under your ring to prevent everything from sliding around while you’re working.

You shouldn’t have to use too much pressure to engrave, if you need to thicken up the line, just go over it again until you’re happy.

Remodel your Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles

mosiac bathroom accent wall

Fancy a bathroom refresh? You can use your rotary tool to make an accent mosaic tile section in your bathroom, here is a super amazing article to inspire you.

Start by cutting small tiles to create your desired shapes, then glue it back on the wall in the creative shapes you envisioned, then grout it, you’ll find tons of resources online on how to grout tiles.

To cut the tiles you’ll need to attach a tile cutting bit to your rotary tool, diamond cutting wheels are great for this. You’ll start with using a lower speed to slowly start cutting, and then increase the speed as you go - it will help if you mark up where you want to cut with a marker beforehand as a guide.

Your rotary tool will have the power to cut through the tile without you needing to use much pressure and remember to wear protective goggles as this project will produce a lot of dust.

Final words

Now that we’ve given you inspiration for some fun and easy DIY projects that can be easily done with a rotary tool and bits and some creativity, we hope that you have all of the attachments you need.

Most rotary tools may be sold individually, or with a few basic attachments. If you find you don’t have all the attachments you need for your project, it’s easy to find pretty affordable rotary tool accessory kits that will contain all the supplies you need for the projects above.

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