Here’s a Quick Way to Polish Golf Clubs Easily with a Drill!

Clubs looking a little tired? Discolored? Full of scratches? It might be time to invest in a Metal Polishing Kit from LINE10 Tools.

There are many - and I mean many - versions of metal polishing kits and tools on the market. But which one to choose? Since most of us do not have a couple hundred dollars to drop on a special polishing machine, why not utilize tools you already have at home?

I’m talking about the good ol’ cordless drill. A cordless drill is probably one of the most common tools found in households. Using your own drill to polish golf clubs is easy. All you need is a drill, stainless steel polishing kit and a charged battery! We'll be providing you with coverage on how to polish golf clubs.

Getting Ready to Polish

One of the most important considerations when polishing your clubs is safety, please wear safety equipment such as eye protection, hearing protection and gloves when working with power tools.

Metal polishing is straightforward. Before you begin, make sure you have the following items:

The vise is optional. It can be tricky to clean a golf club while holding it in one hand and the drill in the other. To make the process easier, use a soft tipped clamp or a vise with a pair of soft jaw liner pads to safely hold the club in the vise without damaging it. You can also put a towel or something soft between the club and vise.

Using a Cordless Drill to Polish The Golf Club Surface

The first thing you need to do is clean the surface of the club with a rag and some WD-40 to remove surface rust and oxidation. Clubs with heavy rust and stubborn surface deposits should be cleaned with a wire brush first.

Now you’ve got your club all set for polishing. Next, apply the #1 buffing compound with the yellow firm cotton polishing wheel. Remember, you only need a small amount of compound.

The firm wheel with the compound will deep clean the surface and remove oxidation stains.

The second step is to follow up with the second yellow firm polishing wheel with #2 buffing compound to remove discolorations and small surface scratches.

The final step is to apply the white soft wheel with #5 polishing compound to achieve that new club, glossy look. This will also protect the club and make it easier to clean and maintain after each use.

Maintaining Your Golf Clubs

Always make sure to maintain and clean your golf clubs. A dirty club can drastically affect club performance. There is a reason those grooves are in your irons and drivers. Grooves are the “gutters” of your club. They pick up dirt, moisture, and grass and move it away from your ball. That allows for a cleaner impact and more consistent shot.

Soiled grooves can also mess up the spin on your ball. In fact, if grooves are clogged, your ball may spin more than you want. Clogged grooves increase surface area, which increases the potential spin of your ball.

Final Thoughts

A dirty club that alters your shot is the last thing you need when out on the course. Make things easier by grabbing a metal polishing kit to fit on your cordless drill. In 30 minutes you can get your clubs sparkling clean. Regularly polishing your golf clubs will ensure that they last longer and easier to clean and maintain after each use.


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