Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound

SKU: L10-64552
Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound
Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound
Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound
Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound

Metal Buffing Wheel Kit for Drill, with 3 Step Polishing Compound

SKU: L10-64552
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Unleash the power of your drill with the LINE10 Tools Metal Buffing Wheel Kit, a comprehensive solution for all your metal buffing and polishing needs. This all-in-one kit offers a three-step process to restore shine and luster to a variety of hard metals, transforming dull, weathered surfaces into bright, gleaming masterpieces.

The kit includes everything you need to convert your drill into a high-performance buffing and polishing machine, making it an essential asset for professionals, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • Complete Buffing Solution: This kit contains everything you need to transform your drill into a metal buffing and polishing machine, offering a cost-effective alternative to professional buffing machinery
  • Three-Step Polishing Compound: The kit includes a unique three-step polishing compound, carefully formulated to buff and polish hard metals such as stainless steel, iron, and aluminum alloys, restoring their original shine and brilliance.
  • High-Quality Buffing Wheels: The buffing wheels included in the kit are designed for durability and high performance, promising a long service life and exceptional results, made of 100% cotton in a spiral sewn design, which is perfect for buffing metals..
  • Universal Compatibility: Mounted on a universal 1/4-inch round shank, the wheels in the kit can be fitted onto any drill, enhancing the versatility of your existing tools.
  • Convenience and Portability: The kit's compact size and portable design make it easy to carry and use anywhere, providing you with a professional buffing and polishing solution wherever you need it.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're restoring automotive trim, aluminum wheels, or stainless steel hardware and appliances, this kit provides a convenient and effective solution.
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Customer Reviews

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Integrity Reviews
Okay for small jobs, or when using a bench top machine is not practical.

I have buffing wheels and compound that I use on one end of my grinder, and while it works well, lots of times it is not practical to use. That's what I wanted these smaller wheels for, so I could bring the buffing to the job rather than the other way around.The wheels are okay. I used my compound sticks that I use with my grinder setup because I am familiar with how they work. (Some other reviewers have said the compound included with this set is pretty good so I might try it next time.)Buffing wheels don't have a long life span (that's why they are so messy to use :-( and these are no exception. I don't have any other small buffing wheels to compare to so I don't know if these are good or bad. Just don't expect a very long life.

Good disks for three stages of polishing.

The disks are well done and work really well.Also I'd like to mention that including polishing compounds with the disk set is a very good idea. You can begin using this set immediately after getting it without search and ordering compounds separately.

Work well on polishing out minor blemishes.

The buffing wheels work well to cleanup some blemishes from stain on knife blade. Should work well on polishing chrome, stainless or aluminum surfaces. Nice kit complete with the polishing compound.

Joe H.
Works in hand held drill

I wanted to buff and polish some metal trim on my car. While these are probably meant to be used in a bench mounted grinder they also work great in a cordless drill. I didn't want to take the trim off the car to polish it. I masked off the trim with blue painters tape and put the buffing pads in my Dewalt cordless drill. I skipped the #1 polish because the trim wasn't too bad. I used the medium and fine compounds and the trim came out grea. I'm happy with the results.

Easy to use and portable

I ordered this to have a portable option as I have a bench grinder with buffing wheels but sometimes it's nice to bring the buffer to the project rather than the project to the buffer. That being said it includes instructions of which compound to use with what wheel and how to get the best results. The drill adapter worked well to run them in my drill and I had no issues it was a no brainer to set it up. The wheels are well made and look to last as I didn't have any issues with them falling apart or separating or any pieces falling off when using. The compounds worked as they should and did a nice job polishing and buffing along with the wheels. Overall its a good option for a drill and works well, is easy to use, and easy to put together.