Transform your drill to a Buffing / Polishing Machine For all Metals

3 easy steps for polishing metal. such as Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum and other hard metals

Step 1: #1 Black Buffing Compound in combination with yellow hard wheel for heavy duty cleaning and oxidation removal, If needed.

Step 2: #2 Grey Buffing Compound in combination with yellow hard wheel For first cut and scratch removal.

Step 3: #5 White buffing compound in combination with white soft wheel for a brilliant high gloss finish of the metal surface.


A very versatile kit compatible with all hard metals, comes with a drill chuck arbor that can be mounted on any cordless drill or Drill press, 1/4" shank.

This Kit Includes

Drill Chuck Arbor adapter: Attaches easily on any drill (1/4" shank) Can be used to mount 1/2" arbor accessories such as bench machine mount Buffing wheels (included), Grinding and cutting discs (Not included). Converting your drill to a bench buffer, polisher & Grinder.

2x 4" hard buffing wheels: ideal for honing sharpened edges, removing scratches, Heavy duty metal cleaning.

1x 4" softer wheel: Can be used for buffing to a high gloss finish on metals.

3 step polishing compounds For use on hard metals, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and Iron.