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5 Drill Attachments  you Never Knew about!

Cordless drills are handy and versatile tools. From installing a doorknob to framing out your basement, chances are the cordless drill is your most frequently used tool. However, driving screws and drilling holes are only a fraction of what a cordless drill can do.

If you’re curious about how you can make better use of your cordless drill, check out this list of 5 different ways you can use your drill, with products from LINE10 Tools.

- Drill Attachments for Buffing and Polishing

Polishing and buffing metal, ceramic, glass, or other materials is easy with a cordless drill and a set of polishing/buffing attachments.

Set of 7 Polishing Buffing Attachment for Drill (White - Soft)

Whether you want to polish your rims to a mirror shine or metallic trim on your car or motorcycle or buff your stainless steel kitchen sink, a drill will save you time, effort and money.

Since cordless drills usually have speed settings, you can control the intensity of the polish/buff to work at your own pace and avoid damaging the material.

A set of softer or firmer polishing attachments can help remove surface dirt, grime and even water stains from metal surfaces or fixtures. Use your favorite buffing or cleaning compound with the attachments to achieve a perfect mirror like shine.

Cotton / Cloth Buffing and polishing attachments come in a variety of sizes to fit into any space. They can be used with any cleaning, polishing or buffing compound and most come mounted on ¼” hex shafts to fit easily on any drill / driver.

- Drill Attachments for Sanding

Sanding can be a tedious task. Ask any woodworker, and they’ll tell you that it is likely one of their least favorite tasks. A cordless drill, however, can alleviate some of that work.

There are a few ways you can use your drill / driver as a sander. One is by attaching a drum sander. By Using a cylindrical Sanding Drums and Sleeves set, they are ideal for cleaning up holes, Sanding off edges, rounding corners, or removing burrs from cut metal.

16 Pc 2" Long Sanding Drum Set

Alternatively, you can use flap sanding wheels. They are made up of small squares of sandpaper mounted around a wheel. When the wheel rotates it “flaps” the material, gradually sanding the surface with a little bit of flexibility to produce more delicate blending and finishing, without the risk of overheating and burning the material.

flap sanding wheels are ideal for rounding off edges or removing small imperfections from finished pieces, and cleaning up pieces after heavy sanding. These attachments are versatile and come in a variety of grits and sizes and will fit you die grinder or drill or a drill press.

- Drill Attachments for Cleaning / Rust Removal

Paint stripping can be a messy job. Using liquid stripping compounds takes time, and is highly toxic. A wire brush can strip paint from metal surfaces much faster and cleaner.

Wire brushes are known for their heavy-duty cleaning ability. They are especially great for removing stubborn substances from materials, such as paint, glue residue or rust.

4 Inch Circular Wire Brush Wheel for Drill - Pack of 3 - Brass-Coated

We recommend a set of brass-coated wire brushes that are mounted on ¼ inch shanks to fit into any drill / driver, which can be very convenient and handy, and beats using a manual wire brush.

The Brass coating is helpful in reducing sparks when applied to metal at high speeds and it prolongs the life of the wires, but it is also a good conductor of heat. Therefore you will want to use your drill at an RPM of 4500 MAX.

Pro tip: When you feel your wire brushes becoming dull after many uses, run your drill in reverse, it will work to resharpen the bristles and breath new life into the brush.

- Drill Attachments for Grinding

Here’s the problem: you need to use your grinder but don’t have a power source where you want to use it or you don’t even have a grinder handy. The answer: use a drill arbor adapter, It will give your drill a ½” arbor that will allow you to fit any 1/2 inch arbor (center hole) grinding disc onto your cordless drill to function as a grinder with the appropriate grinding wheel.

The adapter is a threaded shaft that has a nut above two extra-wide washers. To insert the disc, slide the nut and top washer off the top of the shaft. Put the disc on, then the washer and nut. Tighten the nut so the washers firmly hold the disc. Now you’re ready to grind.

Using a cordless drill with a grinder or cut-off disc is a great way to reach hard-to-reach places, such as underneath a vehicle, outside in the shed or anywhere else.

With ¼” round shanks, this arbor adapter fits all standard cordless drills. As with any grinding job, be sure to wear safety glasses and a mask in order to avoid injury.

- Drill Attachments for Cutting

Cutting metal is never an easy task. Of course, you can use a grinder with a cut-off disc, but these are large, most are corded tools that are limited by size and the fact that they have a cord, in most cases.

Metal cut-off kits come with some metal cutting discs and a ¼” rounded mandrel that can fit into a pneumatic air die grinder, In a pinch, you can easily fit the mandrel into your drill and use it as a cutter.

Cutting discs are extremely versatile. Many backyard mechanics use them to cut off rusted bolts. They are also good for cutting a variety of metals. Cutting steel roofing and siding is a breeze with these discs.

Metal cut-off discs can be used at speeds up to 27,000 rpm, so you can attach these to even the most powerful cordless drills. Crank up the speed to the top setting and watch it cut through metal like butter.

One of the best ways to customize your cordless drill is to have an arbor adapter, as described above. An adapter will allow you to get creative and find even more ways to use your drill.

This list should help you utilize your drill to its maximum ability and maybe even save you from buying a specialized tool that you might use only once. Check out LINE10 Tools full range of power tool accessory kits to find creative ways to use the tools you already own to accomplish the tasks you need.