LINE10 500pc Rotary Tool Accessory Kit - Bits Guide overview

In this article, we will break down the types of bits / burs / attachments included in the rotary tool accessory kit from LINE10 Tools.

Sharpening and Grinding: 

These bits are intended to grind steel, they may also be used for sharpening, if applied at the appropriate angle that will result in a sharp edge

Included in the kit:

20x  Mounted grinding stones, as follows:
   [ 13x Aluminum oxide / 7x Silicone Carbide, (Green)] 

2x Square sharpening oil stones

24x Grinding wheels, Can be mounted on any standard 1/8 inch mandrel (included):
    [18x Aluminum oxide grinding wheels - 3/4” diameter---- 6 Silicone grinding wheels  (Green)   - 3/4” diameter)] 


Wire Brushes are great for applications that require cleaning, removing rust and prepping surfaces before polishing, great for smaller areas and the details of the workpiece.

Included in the Kit:

2x Nylon wire brushes: [1 wheel brush - 3/4” diameter; 1 end brush - 3/16” diameter]

Very light brushes and will not damage the surface, can be used to remove light layers of wax

1x Steel wire brush: [3/4” diameter]

Heavy duty brush made of steel, use with caution, great for removing rust and oxidation off of metals

3x brass wire brushes:[1 Wheel (3/4” diameter) 1 Cup (5/8” diameter) 1 End brush (3/16” diameter)]

Medium duty brushes, made of steel and coated with brass, great for removing paint, light rust and oxidation. 

3x Non-woven wheels, great for prepping areas before painting

Polishing / Buffing

A rotary tool is indispensable when it comes to buffing and polishing smaller details in your project.

Included in the kit:

1x Mandrel for Felt Polishing wheels -1/8” shank - used to mount the felt wheels and points

12x Wool felt polishing wheels, as follows:

8 Polishing felt discs (1/2 diameter X 3/8 inch thick)

2 Polishing felt points (1 inch Long x 1/4 inch point)

2 Polishing felt discs (1 inch Diameter / 3/8” thickness)

8x Mounted Rubber Polishing Points (blue)

2x Rubber polishing discs - 7/8” diameter (grey)

1x Cotton cloth polishing wheel - 1” diameter

2x Polishing compound containers

2x Leather wheels

4x Plastic cleaning Wheels  Two yellows, one red, one blue


Mainly applied on wood and fiberglass, but can also be used on metals for paint removal, it's best to use a grinding stone on metals. though

4x Sanding drums 1/8” Shank, as follows:

1 sanding drum for 1/4" x 1/2” sanding bands

1 sanding drum for 3/8" x 1/2” sanding bands

1 sanding drum for 1/2" x 1/2” sanding bands

1 Rubber end cap (holder) for sticky sanding discs

78x sanding sleeves / bands, as follows:

39x Coarse (60 grit) as follows 13 x (1/2" x1/2”); 13x (3/8" x1/2”); 13x (1/4"x1/2”)

39x Fine, (120 grit) as follows 13x (1/2" x 1/2”); 13x (3/8" x1/2”); 13x (1/4" x1/2”)

144x Sanding discs -- 3/4" Diameter - As Follows

36 sanding discs (180 grit)

36 sanding discs (220 grit)

36 sanding discs (240 grit)

36 Peel & stick sanding discs (120 grit)

2x flap sanding wheels (80 flaps)

3x Sanding wheels (4 layers)

Cut off wheels

Cut off wheels to cut small pieces of metal, caution and patience is advised here.

20x Fiber-Reinforced Cut-Off wheels. as follows:

10x (1-1/2 diameter, 0.045 inch thick)

10x (1-1/4” diameter, 0.045 inch thick)

120x Cut off wheels (15/16" Diameter), As follows:

60x Cut-off discs (1/64” thick)

60x cut-off discs (1/32” thick)

1x Diamond coated Cut off wheel- (7/8” Diameter)

Engraving/ Itching

Diamond coated abrasives are mainly for itching / engraving lapidary, concrete, stones such as marble and granite, wet use is recommended to prolong the life of the bits, However, be careful when handling water while working with an electric power tool, wet the surface of the stone lightly every now and then.

Included in the kit:

20x Diamond coated engraving points (many different shapes) 

2x high-speed steel engraving cutters – used to engrave wooden surfaces.

9x high-speed-steel HSS drill bits - also used for drilling wood and light metal. as follows:

3x 1/8” --- 3x 3/32” ---- 3x 1/16”

2x Router bits, as follows:

1x Straight: 1/8” -- 1x Beading: 1/2”

Other Accessories

4x Collets, with various shank diameter as follows:

2x 1/8” --- 1x 1/16” --- 1x 3/32”

 Collets are what connects the rotary tool to the bits and burs, it goes underneath the tool nose, and then use the wrench included to tighten the nose, after the bit is inserted in the collet.

3x  Mandrels all 1/8” Shanks - used to mount wheels and discs

1x Tightening wrench, used to tighten the bits 

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